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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Matthieu Thibault


A big part of how I see the world is based on previous experiences, I love adventuring and I have found that when you try something new it will most likely turn out as a fun experience even if there are bumps along the way.


 Dixie is my dog, she is about three years old and we rescued her from a shelter here in michigan, she is very clumsy and funny, she is always happy when I come home and makes me

happy after long days.


 France changes the way I see the world because it is a big part of my family, my experiences in France with the people and places have always been great. It also changes the way I see the world by changing the culture of my family, for example, the food and activities we have.


Soccer is a big part of me, I am very passionate about it, as you can see in the picture. The picture is of when France won the World Cup last year, I was in France with my family and it was a great experience. I think soccer has changed me because when you are on a soccer team for a long time the people in it are like a family and you spend a lot of time with them.


 My family is probably the thing that has most changed the way I see the world, from the food we eat to our great adventures I have enjoyed all the moments we have shared which has made me have a positive attitude towards life. These moments have also taught me to take advantage of the opportunities I have.


 Another part of how I see life is nature, my cousins in France live in the countryside of France and my grandma lives next to the ocean so whenever I go to France I love to go outside and explore nature. Nature has changed the way I see life because it has taught me that what we have already in the world is more valuable than man-made products and we should use what we have. 


My sister is a big part of how I see the world, she sees it very similarly to me and she and I are very similar in what we do as well. Morgane is very adventurous and curious just like Scout in TKAM, she loves the outdoors, sports, games, etc. She is very funny and happy all the time, she looks at life in a good way and wants to do her best in every situation.

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